Our Services

Our mission is to develop new products for our own branding and new product concepts for other international toy companies, and always with quality in mind. All our factories operate under the International Quality System ISO 9000 and ISO14000. Our well-trained and experienced QA/QC team supervises all quality matters and implements the necessary processes to comply with all the strict international standards.

We are experienced and capable innovators and manufacturers of all types of toy products from basic to hi-tech. Through the use of our factory facilities, our R&D and Engineering teams we are able to create, develop and produce, not only our own branded items, but also ODM and OEM concepts and products for other toy companies. As a totally vertically integrated business we offer a "full service" capacity to all our clients.

Our Products

We currently produce a broad range of toys covering infant and preschool, boys, girls electronic and collectibles. And whilst we are committed to maintaining and strengthening our core business in these categories, we are constantly seeking new opportunities and researching new business and product directions.

Our brand includes B kids, Elite Force and bbi 1:18 and 1:6. This year we are introducing an extensive line of highly detailed collector figures drawn from the characters in highly successful video games. Our first releases feature characters from the games Omega Boost and Fighting Force, and we will follow these up with an on-going program of new characters. Supporting these will be a line of our own development known as Elite Force.